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  1. iatyrbyer som var bygget kun av LEGO-klosser
  2. iature park, and aquarium located in Carlsbad, California, based on the Lego toy brand. Opening on March 20, 1999, it was the third Legoland park to open, and the first outside Europe. The park is currently owned by Merlin Entertainments, which took a controlling interest in 2005. A second park in the United States, Legoland Florida, opened in 2011
  3. Legoland Windsor Resort, also known as Legoland Windsor, is a child-orientated theme park and resort in Windsor, Berkshire in England, themed around the Lego toy system. The park opened on 17 March 1996 on the former Windsor Safari Park site as the second Legoland after Legoland Billund in Denmark. In common with the other Legoland Resorts across the world, the park's attractions consist of a.
  4. Legoland Florida Resort (stylized as LEGOLAND Florida Resort) is a vacation destination in Winter Haven, Florida featuring a theme park, water park and on-site accommodations. It opened as Legoland Florida on October 15, 2011, and later rebranded itself Legoland Florida Resort with the opening of Legoland Hotel in May 2015. The park encompasses 145 acres (0.59 km 2), making it the second.
  5. LEGO har bygget flere fornøyelsesparker rundt omkring i verden, alle kjent under navnet Legoland, og inneholder modeller i stor skala, spesielt av kjente landemerker.Den eldste av disse ligger i Billund i Danmark. Andre fulgte etter: «Legoland Windsor» i England, «Legoland California» i Carlsbad i California og «Legoland Deutschland» i Günzburg i Tyskland
  6. Legoland Billund Resort, the original Legoland park, opened on 7 June 1968 in Billund, Denmark.The park is located next to the original Lego factory and Billund Airport, Denmark's second-busiest airport.Over 1.9 million guests visited the park in 2011, and since the opening more than 50 million guests have visited the park

LEGOLAND is a LEGO theme that ran from 1969 to 1978.The theme's sets varied, including Rocket Ships, Rodeos, and much more. The LEGOLAND Minifigures used in various LEGOLAND sets were different to the minifigures used today. Instead, the minifigures only had a cap, a head piece, a torso, and legs (That couldn't move).. Background . Here is a overview of what LEGOLAND looked like in the first. Billund er en by i Billund kommune i Region Syddanmark, sydvest i Jylland.Frem til kommunalreformen i 2007 lå den i Ribe amt.Billund hadde 6 451 innbyggere i 2018. Byen vokste frem rundt virksomheten til LEGO, som har hovedkontor og fabrikk her, og fornøyelsesparken Legoland.. Rett ved byen ligger Billund lufthavn, den nest største flyplassen i Danmark Legoland 7 Edit. Legoland 7 is the last Legoland built. Originally, only six Legolands were scheduled to be built. It was only upon the discovery of Dr. Inferno's old underground base on the planet Celios that the the Legoland Organisation decided to send out a team to the planet. The facility they set up was later developed and advanced before becoming the seventh Legoland LEGOLAND California is an amusement park in Carlsbad, California, focused on LEGO bricks. It opened on March 20, 1999. It is the third LEGOLAND park to be opened, and is one of two North American parks; the other is Florida, which opened in 2011. The park first opened on March 20, 1999. The LEGOLAND parks were put up for sale in 2004, then a controlling interest sold in 2005. The new. Welcome newcomers! This Wiki was made to give you every scrap of information about Legoland . Everything that is to do with with Legoland and all its spin offs are on this wiki. To get started click on the database button above and navigate to the page you want. You can find out about characters, episodes, equipment, races, ships and much more! If you can't find the page you are looking for.

LEGOLAND® Windsor Park Ltd, Winkfield Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 4AY. VAT No. GB 723 687 807. Book a Short Break. Book a Short Break. or. Buy Tickets. Kan noen slette vandalismen til --Jarvin 11. sep 2006 kl. 13:24 (UTC) er litt usikker på om «Legoland» i fornøyelsesparken Dubailand, Dubai, De forente arabiske emirater (åpner i 2011), åpner i 2011 og hva hele navnet til «Legoland» i dubailand er.. Legoland-parker er delt inn i forskjellige områder, som er konsistente blant kjedens parker. For eksempel inkluderer alle seks av parkene en Lego miniland, en modellby som inkluderer modeller av landemerker og scener fra hele verden, laget av millioner ekte Lego-murstein

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The LEGOLAND minifigure was the first type of minifigure used in the LEGOLAND-themed sets from the year 1974. It was released in the same year with the Homemaker Figure and marked the return of figures to Lego since the HO figures released in 1956. With the advent of the new LEGO minifigures in 1978, these were almost never used again with the exception of a statue in 1592 Castle Town Square. 16-bit installer not working on 64-bit Windows; Copy the CD contents to a folder somewhere. Download and extract the InstallShield 3 32-bit Generic Installer into this folder.; Run setup32.exe and install normally Günzburg er en by som ligger der elven Günz munner ut i Donau, vest i den tyske delstaten Bayern, nær grensen til Baden-Württemberg.I denne kommunen står Gundremmingen kjernekraftverk - som er Tysklands største verk med kapasitet til å levere 21 TWh, eller 3,5 % av landets kraftbehov James Scottworthy is the current commander and leader of Legoland 7. He has built and contributed to lots of the technology there and made some amazing breakthroughs in science. He was second in command of Legoland for 7 months until Jack disappeared. James was born on Centura and had a very keen interest in science, technology and engineering. When he was 12 he built his first Micropetrol. Here is a list of all the episodes of Legoland in the whole series. It is divided up into each season. Click on the Episodes name to go to the episodes page. The Legoland movies will also be on here. Season Information. Dates are best guess. The location of 2006 is right though

LEGOLAND Florida is a LEGOLAND amusement park built in 2011. It replaced the Winter Haven Park in Florida, USA. It opened on October 15, 2011. It is one of two current parks located in North America, the other park being LEGOLAND California. In addition, the former Splash Island water park reopened as LEGOLAND Florida Water Park on May 26, 2012. The park is split into ten major parts; The. LEGOLAND is a LEGO themed amusement park chain, which was not fully owned by The LEGO Group itself; rather they are owned and operated by the British theme park company Merlin Entertainments up until 2019. There are eight of these parks worldwide, with three more under construction. The parks are marketed to families with younger children (11 and under), and although they have a number of.

Legoland Discovery Centre is an indoor family attraction chain operated by British leisure group Merlin Entertainments.Featuring models and attractions inspired by the Lego building toys, the Discovery Centres are smaller versions of the Legoland theme parks located around the world LEGOLAND is a theme park based on LEGO bricks. It's full of models of world famous buildings, all built from LEGO. History. Mr. Burns had dumped nuclear waste from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant under LEGOLAND and believed that it would not be found out for years. However, the LEGO models from the park awoke. United States Capitol chased kids and the Eiffel Tower stabbed a man (which occurred. LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort ist Teil der Merlin Entertainments Group. LEGO, das LEGO Logo, die Konfigurationen des Steines und der Noppen, die Minifigur, DUPLO, FRIENDS, MINDSTORMS, NEXO KNIGHTS, NINJAGO und LEGOLAND sind Marken der LEGO Gruppe. ©2020 The LEGO Group LEGOLAND® Florida Resort is a multi-day vacation destination built for kids 2-12. Located in Central Florida's Winter Haven, just 45 minutes from Orlando and Tampa, the resort includes an interactive, 150-acre theme park with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions inspired by popular LEGO® brands and characters, LEGOLAND Water Park and a world-famous botanical garden A Resonance Cascade is a dangerous quantum event that can create a rift between two universes. All things have a set quantum resonance. Artificially creating a resonating quantum field with enough power can cause the superstrings in other materials to become openeded. When this happen space time rips cauing rifts to form. This will only happen if it is resonating at the same frequency as the.

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At the heart of every LEGOLAND ® is the much-loved true-to-life miniature version of Asia's iconic landmarks.. MINILAND dazzles in every way as a magnificent masterpiece built with over 30 million LEGO ® bricks that showcase famous attractions from 17 Asian countries such as the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur , Singapore's Merlion, India's Taj Mahal and even Johor's own unique. Save up to 37% online! Book your LEGOLAND® tickets online. Book your ticket online and avoid waiting at the ticket booths. See you at LEGOLAND Legoland Legoland ligger i midt i Billund sentrum og kommunen et sterkt preget av å være bygget opp rundt Legoland. Hovedhensikten med Legoland er at alle atraksjoner enten er bygget i lego eller er innspirert av lego. Parken er verdenskjent og en av Danmarks aller mest besøkte turist attraksjoner

Denne filen er lisensiert under lisensen Creative Commons Navngivelse-DelPåSammeVilkår 2.0 Generisk: Du står fritt: til å dele - til å kopiere, distribuere og overføre verket; til å blande - til å endre verket; Under de følgende betingelsene: navngivelse - Du må kreditere verket på passende vis, lenke til lisensen og indikere hvorvidt det har blitt gjort endringer LEGOLAND® Deutschland Resort is a theme park for families with children of the age between two and 12 years. The LEGOLAND Park is located near the city of Günzburg in Bavaria. LEGOLAND Deutschland is one of the biggest theme parks in Bavaria and one of the most famous and most popular theme parks in Germany

LEGOLAND® Billund is Denmark's best known and most beloved amusement park amongst families. Here is plenty of action, speed and fun Legoland - Logopedia, the logo and branding site. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. LEGOLAND® Dubai is the ultimate theme park for children 2-12 and their families in Dubai. Enjoy LEGO® themed adventures through interactive rides, water slides, models and building experiences not to mention AWESOME events like LEGO City Days, Halloween and Bricktastic Christmas

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The Dragon (Nederlands: De Draak) zijn attracties in de attractieparken Legoland Billund, Legoland Windsor, Legoland Californië, Legoland Dubai, Legoland Deutschland, Legoland Maleisië en Legoland Florida.Het stationsgebouw bevindt zich in een groot grijs kasteel en is daarmee een blikvanger in het park. De attractie begint met een darkridegedeelte en eindigt met een achtbaanrit There are currently only four LEGOLAND Water Parks in the world. The first opened in California in 2010. The second opened in Florida in 2012. The third opened in Malaysia in 2013.The fourth opened in Dubai in 201 Write the text of your article here Short Breaks LEGOLAND Japan Hotel Annual Pass Enjoy the resort all year round Resort Guide. Attraction. See More. LEGOLAND Japan Hotel. See More. Restaurant. See More. Shop. See More. SEA LIFE Nagoya. See More. Sign up Our Newsletter. Email. Subscribe now. Our Company Our Company. Legoland generated approximately 669 British pounds in revenue from its parks and resorts in 2019. Over the last nine years, this figure has grown by over 400 million

This Legoland Wiki page needs to have some or all structured data added, from an appropriate infobox . Please see category:Wikis to add to help with similar articles Legoland (plural Legolands) ( slang ) A place characterised by square edges and extreme regularity . 1997 , Mark McCrum, No worries: a journey through Australia Legoland (trademark in uppercase as LEGOLAND) is a chain of Lego-themed theme parks. They are not fully owned by Lego Group itself; rather they are owned and operated by the British theme park company Merlin Entertainments. The parks are marketed to families with younger children (11 and under), and although they have a number of roller coasters, they are not as numerous or as extreme as those.

Legoland Malaysia Resort. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better LegoLand was founded on 11/14/19 by Dynanate. The town is based off of Denmark and Venice. A key part of LegoLand is the large bunker built under the main canal. It has so much food in it it could feed 100 people to full hunger

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There are many presences of SEA LIFE Centres in LEGOLAND Parks. Like Atlantis by SEA LIFE in Billund and Germany, LEGOLAND California Resort SEA LIFE Aquarium, Atlantis Submarine Adventure in Windsor, Dubai and Japan, SEA LIFE Malaysia, and SEA LIFE Nagoya Legoland (a.k.a. Legoland Mauritania by most Africans) is a country found in the remote regions of Africa. It is most well known for its infamous crime rate and its easy-to-destroy structures. Legoland is built mostly out of legos, so problems can be expected to arise. Legoland was first started by a group of plastic nomads. They found a random clearing filled with swamp water and man-eating. Category:Legoland | Theme Parks Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. FANDOM. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Theme Parks Wiki. 243 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. LEGOLAND.

Explore Theme Park, Water Park, Aquarium & Hotel in a unique LEGO® themed destination at LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort. Awesome Awaits. Book Now Legoland is one of the few remaining countries which has still not banned slavery. Legoland exports slaves to other parts of the world, where they are mainly used by children for fun time. Terrorism . Terrorism has played a major part in Legoland history, ever since the assassination of Lego JFK in the 60's The park admission is included for you as overnight guests in the LEGOLAND holiday village, if you will book a package by LEGOLAND Holidays. Book accommodation in the holiday village Whether you choose the Dragon Castle, pirate island, camping barrel or another accommodation option: You will have some great experiences, a lot of fun, and sleep well in the LEGOLAND holiday village Legoland Florida, which opened in 2011 built on the site of and utilizing parts of an old park, started off its life over 70 years ago as an area of beautiful botanical gardens, which would be turned into an amusement park known as Cypress Gardens. Back in 1936, Richard Dick Pope Sr. and his wife Julie opened up Cypress Gardens as a botanical garden on the shore of Lake Eloise near.

LEGOLAND is a PC game released in 2000, following the Rollercoaster Tycoon gameplay style, but being (obviously) based off LEGOLAND parks. The game has a very simple premise - you go through ten different levels, each with their own difficulty curves, trying to please Mr. Bimble, the park inspector. He inspects your park every ten minutes to see if you have enough of everything, as well as. Download or view the LEGOLAND Dubai Resort Map and plan your day in advance The rest of Legoland has become a undersized theme park with long queues, way to short (and boring) rides, and an abundance of unhealthy tasteless and expensive fast food. This was most likely our last visit to Legoland (until it is time to go there as a grandparent) - something the kids agreed on La Legoland' Windsor estas porinfana amuzparko en Anglio, kiu dediĉiĝas al la infanludila konstrusistemo Lego: al la miniatura rekonstruo de multaj elektitaj britiaj kaj aliaj eŭropaj vidindaĵoj, sed ankaŭ al grandaj amuzparkaj amuzaĵoj en la stilo de la konstrusistemo.Inter alie ekzistas 50 veturejoj, plejparte je radaj aŭ boataj veturiloj de ne-timiga rapideco, sed ankaŭ tri Lego.

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