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Indulge in a big screen experience at your own home with home theater projectors from Sony. Choose from 4K, 3D & short throw projectors, sit back & enjoy Ultra-short throw distance for flexible installation. The VPL-VZ1000ES has been designed with flexible installation in mind. Place the projector right next to a wall and you'll enjoy a beautiful 80 (diagonal) display; move the projector 8.3 away from the wall and this screen size increases to a huge 120 Short-Throw and Portable Projectors. Our Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw Projectors make a great presentation partner for offices and open-plan meeting areas. Enjoy big, bright images without having to site the projector far from a screen, whiteboard or wall. Engage your audience with Dual Pen Interactivity Da er en nærfeltsprojektor - eller Ultra Short-Throw - en spennende løsning. Ved hjelp av spesiell optikk med ekstrem kastevinkel kan en Ultra Short-Throw-projektor stå helt eller nesten inntil veggen den skal projisere på, og likevel gi et bilde fra 60 til 100 tommer. Definitivt stort nok til en skikkelig hjemmekinoopplevelse. Fordele Sammenlign priser på Ultra short throw-projektorer . Finn tilbud på 151 produkter fra Optoma, Epson, Xiaomi og mye mer

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  1. ─ In addition to the portable ultra-short throw projector being able to project its display onto walls, the unit can be placed on its side at 90 degrees in order to project images onto tabletops or the onto the floor. Murasawa: The portable ultra-short throw projector can also be connected to a computer in order to project screens onto a desktop
  2. UPDATED NOVEMBER 2020 - An Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector has a very wide angle lens with a throw ratio of less than 0.4, letting you place the projector just under or just above the screen. A key benefit is that anyone giving a presentation won't need to stand in the beam of projected light and create shadows on the image
  3. Throw in whisper-quiet operation, a decent AV amp and surround speaker package, and you've got yourself a bonafide home movie night. We've rounded up our favourite projectors, including Full HD and native 4K models, which also support HDR, and some short throw projectors too for those with smaller spaces
  4. But nothing says silver screen quite like a projector. With picture sizes greater than 100in, not to mention the requisite 'lights off' setting, a projector can bring the movie theatre experience right to your lounge. And you don't need a huge room to benefit - today's short throw models can turn even a modest-sized lounge into a movie theatre
  5. This item Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector with WiFi/Bluetooth, Wireless HDMI Unit, Compatible with Android & iOS Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, Black, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4-Hour Video Playtime, Neat Projector, Home Entertainmen
  6. Short-Throw and Portable Projectors. Our business Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw Projectors make a great presentation partner for offices and open-plan meeting areas. Enjoy big, bright images without having to site the projector far from a screen, whiteboard or wall. Engage your audience with Dual Pen Interactivity
  7. Short throw or long throw, buying a projector for your home theater system can be among the most confusing decisions you have to make. Choosing between brightness, zoom range, contrast ratio, resolution, and other specs makes deciding on a projector very difficult

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Elite Screens Aeon CLR Series, 100-inch 16:9, Edge Free Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Projector Screen, Ceiling Light Rejecting Projection Material for Ultra-Short Throw 4.9 out of 5 stars 18 $899.00 $ 899 . 0 80-150 Ultra Short Throw laser-projektor med Android. 15 490,- 117 rammespent projektorlerret. 4 690,- Legg pakken i handlevognen. pris: 20 180,-Legg pakken i handlevognen. Tilbehør Produktanmeldelser Tekniske spesifikasjoner Produktbeskrivelse. Sony's ultra-short-throw projector can dazzle for daytime viewing and fulfills its promise as a big-screen panel TV alternative, but dark-room home theater enthusiasts may be less impressed. When it comes to setting up a home theater, the main goal should be to get the largest image that your space and budget will allow Sony LSPX-P1 Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector with WiFi/Bluetooth, Wireless HDMI Unit, Compatible with Android & iOS: Amazon.ca: Electronic

Affordable: Even if you buy an entry-level business projector, you need at least $1,000, but a short-projection projector costs you around $500 or even lower.You can also check out the projector under $200 here.; Suitable for small spaces: it meets our needs, whether in the classroom or in the conference room.The short throw projector can project a 100-inch screen within a distance of 1.5 meters A short throw projector, unlike the standard projector, is capable of displaying images and videos at a much shorter distance. For instance, ordinary projectors need a distance of about 10 feet from the screen to project a clear 100-inch image Why You Need a Short Throw Projector. Having the best short throw projectors is a godsend if, like most mere mortals, you do not have gigantic rooms solely to project onto a wall. Chances are you live in a normal sized house with rooms that's have limited space. Short throws mean you don't need a lot of space to project from, and you increase the number of walls you could possibly project. Short Throw vs. Long Throw vs. Ultra-Short Throw All short or long lens measurements, regardless of brand, are categorized by the range of projector in relation to the screen to create a 100″ image ViewSonic PX706HD Full HD Home Cinema and Gaming Short Throw Projector (3000 Lumens, 1080p, DLP, Dual HDMI, USB Type-C, 3x Fast Input, SuperColor Technology, 5 W Speakers), White. 4.5 out of 5 stars 201. Epson EH-LS500B 3LCD, 4K PRO-UHD, Laser, Ultra Short Throw Super Resolution, 4000 Lumens, 130 Inch Display, Home Cinema Projector - Black

Requiring minimal throw distance, ultra short throw projectors can be used in any setting to deliver beautiful images from just centimetres away from the screen. If you need help in selecting the right ultra short throw projector for your needs, you can call one of our experts on Freephone 0800073083 Visit the Sony Corporation of America press release archive to get current and past press releases for our principal businesses in the U.S Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Best Short Throw Projector gibt es bei eBay

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  1. Add a Sony 4K ultra short throw projector, and ordinary rooms come alive with extraordinary viewing experiences. Introducing a new system designed to be a welcome presence in interior architecture and your life
  2. The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw projector is on a mission to bring big-screen experiences to places where they otherwise couldn't go, and in that respect there's nothing else like it
  3. Sony LSPX-P1 short throw projector comes with built-in speakers (0.98-inch Bass Reflex Speakers) for powerful sound. Amazingly, it lets you project a wide range of contents such as images, movies and data. It lets you project content on the floor or table in 22-inch with the help of an ultra-short throw lens
  4. Tonight at CES, the company announced the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector (LSPX-A1). It ships this spring for $30,000. That's a $5,000 increase from the fanciest projector that Sony launched at.

Sony's Portable Ultra Short Throw projector will let you watch a video on your wall, desk, ceiling or floor The VPL-VZ1000ES HDR DCI 4K Ultra-Short Throw SXRD Projector from Sony combines SXRD imaging technology with a long-lasting laser light source for high-detailed, high-contrast native 4K images with HDR compatibility. The energy-efficient Z-Phosphor laser source allows quick start and maintenance-free operation with no need for lamp exchanges. The ultra-short throw projector can be situated up. Short-throw projectors are great for getting a big image if you don't have the space for a home theater projector. Here are some of the best options available

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  1. #7. ViewSonic Projector Ultra Short Throw. This ViewSonic PX800HD Projector Ultra Short Throw gives 150 inches of stunning, razor-sharp display and excellent color accuracy even a short distance away. For a cinema-like experience, this projector is equipped with Rec. 709 colors, Full High Definition of 1920×1080 pixels
  2. What Is an Ultra Short Throw Projector. These days, with all the tech out there, it's hard to keep track of the best and brightest. Shopping the various kinds of projectors..
  3. Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector priced at $50,000, available only in NYC area (hands-on) The 4K Ultra Short-Throw Projector wowed us at CES. Now, Sony's put a price tag on it -- and you may.
  4. Short throw projector prices. Between $80 and $399: In this price range, you can expect to find short throw projectors that focus on portability over picture quality. Models in this range are light, and some even include a rechargeable battery for outdoor projector parties
  5. Ultra Short Throw: 0,35:1 en kleiner (100 beeld vanaf 0,77m en dichter). De projector staat extreem dicht bij het scherm. Afbeelding via viewsonic.com. Long throw en standard throw zal je zelden of nooit vermeld zien in de specificaties, short throw en ultra short throw wel. Ultra Short Throw plaatsin
  6. Sony Short Throw at Projector People. Call with questions or to order by phone. We're here to help

The LG HU85LA is a laser projector with a 20,000 hour lamp life claim, so you can get about a decade of use out of this projector without much maintenance whatsoever. As mentioned, it's an ultra short throw projector, so it sits just inches away from your screen surface to produce and image of up to 120 diagonal Ultra-Short Throw: Virtually eliminates shadows and eye glare, this type of throw is seen from projectors installed on the wall, the ceiling nearer to a wall, or a table projecting downwards. Ultra-short throw projection refers to a distance between 0 to 4 feet away from projector to screen BenQ HT2150ST 1080p Home Theater Projector Short Throw - Best in Throw Ratio. BenQ HT 2150ST is made with DLP technology and is believed to be among the best BenQ short throw projector models because of the quality of images that it delivers

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  1. Sony VPLVW675ES. This is a well-designed projector from Sony that provides 4k images regardless of the format or resolution you enter. Thanks to 4k video enhancements, each pixel can be analyzed individually and upgraded to near 4k or even higher. With a total brightness of 1800 lumens, it delivers crisp video even in bright ambient light
  2. BenQ LK953ST 4K Short Throw Laser Projector Benq LK953ST Throw Ratio: 0.81 ~ 0.88‎:1 Screen Size: Installation Distance 100 221m x 125cm 1.8m to 1.9m 110 244cm x 137cm 2m to 2.1m 120 266cm x... Up to 20,000 Lamp Hour
  3. How do you choose an affordable ultra-short throw projector? When you are shopping for an affordable ultra-short throw projector, consider its: Brand: Some of the options include BenQ, Epson, LG, Sony, and NEC. Resolution: The native resolution ranges from 800 by 480 pixels to 3,840 by 2,160 pixels
  4. Use this special application for the Sony Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector LSPX-P1 to throw your favorite content onto walls, tables, or any other similar surface. This app enables wireless control of your Projector. It also offers Poster, a feature that lets you decorate your room with your personal selection of photos and videos; external input (HDMI), enabling you to connect an.
  5. g Soon This product hasn't been reviewed yet. We've added this product to our database but we haven't actually tested it yet
  6. Bring the cinematic experience home with the 3,000 lumens, ultra short throw, Optoma CinemaX P1 Smart 4K UHD Laser Cinema projector. The space-saving design, high-performance glass lens and SmartFIT auto geometry correction system ensure easy place and play setup for a instant huge screen experience anywhere

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A short throw projector is a usually set or mounted very close to the screen (generally between 3 and 8 feet). A short throw projector has a throw ratio between 0.4 and 1. The throw ratio is calculated using the distance from the projector to screen divided by the maximum projected width of the image Det har aldri vært enklere å gjøre stue om til hjemmekino. I dag annonserer Sony utvidelsen av ultra short throw hjemmekinolinjen sin ved å introdusere den nye VPL-VZ1000ES 4K HDR-hjemmekinoprojektoren. VPL-VZ1000ES er designet for å enkelt kunne integreres i folk sine hjem, og er Sonys nyeste innovative laserlysprojektor med High Dynamic Range (HDR) som er kompatibel med 4K-oppløsning Vava's 4K UHD Ultra-Short Throw Laser is one of the better-reviewed models out there, having achieved an 84 score on Engadget, but it's also a lot of money at $2,800. However, it's now on.

Short Throw Projector. Short throw projector is ideal and useful for projection for limited space e.g exhibition booth. It is easier to position than a normal throw projector. Most of the short throw projector have a throw ratio in the range of 0.49 up to 0.76. It uses half the distance of what normal projector need to project the same sized image Ultra Short Throw Screens with Ambient Light Rejection are the recommended screens for use with Ultra Throw projectors like the LG HU85LA 4K UHD Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector. Regrettably, we do not have information about your current 120 screen to advise if it will be okay for use with the projector

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Sony Short Throw Projector . $350.00 +$51.75 shipping. Make Offer - Sony Short Throw Projector . Sony WUXGA VPL-FH500 Full HD 1080p HDMI LCD Projector 630 Lamp Hours #7014L. $650.00. Free shipping. Make Offer - Sony WUXGA VPL-FH500 Full HD 1080p HDMI LCD Projector 630 Lamp Hours #7014L The projector remains the same and everything needed for a big screen projection TV setup comes in the box. Equipped with proprietary 4K PRO-UHD 3LCD technology, the LS500 represents a new generation of digital projection. Utilizing ultra short-throw laser projection technology the LS500 projector can be placed just inches from the wall Transform the delivery of your movie and gaming time with 3,800 lumens, 1080p, short throw design GT1080HDR projector. This model is designed to be used at any time of day and for every home entertainment scenario

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Currently, Salamander's Ultra-Short Throw Credenza line supports projectors from Dell, Epson, Hisense, Sony and Vivitek. The furniture maker currently is teaming with Sony to provide a free UST cabinet ($4,000 value) with the purchase of a Sony VZ1000ES UST 4K HDR home theater projector The Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector will be available mid-2014 for approximately US$30,000 to $40,000. Source: Sony. View gallery - 4 images Tags. Home Entertainment Sony Projectors 4K2K. Sony's short-throw projector - the black box below the screen - gives you a big picture in a small space. Rather than hanging from the ceiling or sitting at the back of the room, Sony's short. Short Throw Projector Screens. Just Projectors offer a full range of formats & sizes of Projector Screens for short throw projectors, you really have to be careful to get the right one as not all screens will work without distorting the image, so whether it be for fixed or mobile use, front or rear projection, we can provide the best solution for you The projector is fairly compact for a UST - ultra short throw design, but it's not what I'd really consider portable, especially as it weighs in at 33 pounds. Portables are mostly 4-10 lbs. Still, this small beast can be moved from room to room fairly easily, and in a business or school environment, it could be cart-based and rolled up right next to the screen or even a wall

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This one's labeled as an ultra-short-throw projector, but the measurements align more with standard short-throws: It works from 3 to 9 feet away and can display 41- to 100-inch images Epson, Hisense, LG, Optoma, and Sony all have introduced models in this category, an ultra-short-throw projector can create a very large image on a screen or wall from a very short distance Short-throw projectors are nothing new. In fact, short-throw projectors from Sony aren't either. Whatever the company's Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector lacks in innovation, though, it makes.

Sony Short Throw Projectors. Sony's short throw projectors are designed for users requiring large, sharp projections in tight spaces. That's not all, they're also big on energy and cost efficiencies without compromising on quality, as evidenced from their low TCO and high brightness levels Samsung Launches a 130-Inch 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector. It's called The Premiere, and it's the world's first HDR10+ certified projector with triple laser technology If you are looking for Short Throw and Harga Projectors in Malaysia, then you have come to the right place. All Projectors, Short Throw and Epson Projector Malaysia JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser Salamander Designs - Oslo A/V Cabinet for Sony VZ1000ES Ultra-Short Throw Projector - Black Oak/Black Glass. Model: X/SNY245OS/BG. SKU: 6113313. Not yet reviewed. Not yet reviewed. Price Match Guarantee. $3,999.98 Your price for this item is $3,999.98. Add to Cart

You've probably already seen Sony's GTZ1, the world's most technology rich ultra short throw projector with 4k resolution, a Laser light source, and 2000 lumen output. What you haven't seen, though, is Sony's brand-new VZ100ES - a new take on this incredible ultra short throw technology W1080ST Full HD 3D Short-throw-projektor tilbyr en rekke tilkoblingsmuligheter for både moderne digitale signalkilder og eldre analoge. 2 HDMI-innganger gir en perfekt overføring fra Blu-ray-spillere, HDTV-mottakere, spillkonsoller som Playstation 3 og Xbox 360 samt moderne datamaskiner Laser power comes to the ultra-short throw projector. Using Texas Instruments' DMP DLP system with a laser phosphor light, the CinemaX P2 is at the cutting-edge of projector technology. This offers many advantages, the first of which is the picture with superb levels of contrast (2,000,000:1) and colour realism Epson has launched its first ultra-short-throw laser light source 4K Pro UHD Home Theatre projector, the EH-LS500B. The projector can achieve sizes of 130-inches when kept close to the wall

Optoma's 4K ultra-short-throw PJ is a convincing TV replacement, suggests Steve May. Able to cast a big image in a relatively small room, positioned just centimetres from a white wall, it's not difficult to see the appeal of an ultra-short-throw (UST) projector. There's no fear of walking in front of the beam either, causing oversized shadows on the action Best Short Throw Projector. 76 likes. Science, Technology & Engineerin Amidst the flood of gadgets making an appearance, Sony's new 4K short-throw projector is instantly a challenger to the best projectors on the market - if you've got the cash to afford it When Wi-Fi Direct is enabled, the smartphone establishes a peer-to-peer connection with the projector, therefore it is unable to establish a Wi-Fi® connection with an access point (wireless router). After use, disable [Wi-Fi Direct]. Using your smartphone or mobile device, turn on the Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector application

Sony VPL-SX236 3300lm XGA Short Throw Projector. $849.00 Sony VPL-SX631M 3300lm XGA Ultra Short Throw Projector w/ Mount. $1,199.00 Related News. Sony BRAVIA 43, Edge-lit LED, LCD, UHD And Android TV With Google Home Compatibility. Nonetheless. When turned off, the projector cover will automatically dip back down to create a clean line across the entire piece. It remains to be seen if Sony will offer the 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector in any other colors during launch, which will take place in late Summer Sony launch ultra short throw VPL-VZ1000ES 4K HDR laser projector Discussion in ' Projectors, Screens & Video Processors ' started by Ed Selley , Jan 5, 2017 . New ULTRA SHORT THROW PROJECTOR. For returns, see our returns information for more details.; Shipping is only available to customers within NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, SA, WA, NT, TAS only for orders on store.sony.com.au and to North Island, South Island, Stewart Island addresses only for orders on store.sony.co.n

The Mi Laser short-throw projector offers just as many features as more expensive models, but at a much more obtainable price point. Although this projector tops out at a 1080p resolution, it's brighter and more vibrant than other projectors that cost twice as much, while still creating a gorgeous 150-inch screen that remains sharp even in a well-lit room 3 ultra short-throw projektorer. Kjempebilder fra kloss hold. 17.12.18. 29999 kr. Epson EH Sony VPL-VW360ES. Sylskarp og superoppløst. 04.04.18. 69999 kr. JVC DLA JVC DLA-X7900 og Sony VPL-VW360ES. Det feteste bildet i hjemmekinoen. 13.03.18. 169999 kr. Sony VPL-VW760ES. Projektor med laserpresisjon. 12.01.18. 49999 kr. Sony VPL.

I had a look at CineCabinet | CineCabinetcabinet geo1 | short throw | gaminig today at the Gadget Show Live, expensive at £4K for the cabinet, optima projector and sound bar but miles cheaper than the Sony short throw solution, projector was 1080P can produce 100 Sony Ultra-Short Throw 4K HDR Home Theater Projector - VPL-VZ1000ES. Features: Native 4K resolution for lifelike pictures With more than four times the resolution of Full HD, native 4K offers 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160) for a picture that's so incredibly lifelike, it's like looking at the real thing Bright, high contrast widescreen projector for mid-size classrooms and meeting rooms: with easy installation and low ownership costs.The Sony Ultra Short Throw Projector is ideal for classroom or corporate use, with simple, flexible installation, low ownership costs and easy connection to other devices.Present big, bright images over 2m across with the projector as little as 47cm from the. Introducing the award-winning VPL-GTZ1, the world's first ultra-short-throw 4K laser light source projector. Immerse yourself in a gorgeous 4K image, four simultaneous HD images, or edge-blend several projectors* to create a seamless virtual environment Sony Ultra Short Throw Projectors. The VPL-S Series is designed for users requiring large, sharp projections in exceedingly tight spaces. They pack the most advanced projector technologies in stylish designs, deliver high brightness of up to 3,000 lumens and high-quality images of up to WXGA resolution whilst ensuring optimal energy efficiency

Short-Throw-Projektører til bedrift? Få oversikt over vårt sortiment av Short-Throw-Projektører. Enkel bestilling - Rask levering THX is thrilled to announce the Fengmi's ultra-short throw projector, the Formovie Laser Cinema 4K Max projector, is the first of its kind to obtain THX Certification when used with Fengmi's Formovie Fabulous 100″ Fresnel Projection Screen.. Ultra short-throw projectors give users the option of a massive screen, without taking up significant space

Sony are currently charging a whopping $50,000 for the first few batches of the large 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector which is crazy money for the standard consumer market. Although no solid price has been put on the portable edition just yet, it's not likely to be that cheap if the other edition is anything to go by Sony VPL-PHZ12 Laser . With 5,000 lumens brightness, excellent picture quality and attractive running costs, this stylish 3LCD laser projector is equally at home in academic and corporate environments. The [ Read more » ] Get a Quick Quote email with our best price. $ 2,499.0 SONY SHORT THROW Projector - $466.20. FOR SALE! Sony VPL-SW125 Short Throw Projector Item is used with about 16 lamp 20278565194 Sony just announced some cool projection products @ CES 2014 this morning. They are releasing a new ultra-short-throw projector, and discuss their new strategy for displays out of the box. They also give a sneak preview at a table-top interactive display built with a laser projector and a depth sensor There are a wide range of Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector promo codes, offers and deals from different stores. The list gets updated daily, and almost all of them are verified and free to use. Do check back often or bookmark the page for those Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector offers: including 0 Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector promo codes and 15 deals in September 2020

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Sony's 147-Inch 4K Laser Projector Turns Your Living RoomSony turns their 4k Ultra Short Throw Projector into highSony 4K HDR Home Theater Projector VPL (VZ1000ES) - YouTubeBest projectors 2020: Full HD, 4K, portable, short throwSony VPL-VW300ES review | Expert ReviewsProjector - Contemporary - Living Room - grand rapids - byEpson Powerlite Pro G7905U Projector Review: Features 2

An easy way to tell if a projector is a short or a long throw is usually by the initials at the end of a model number. So for example, if it ends with ST, that typically, though not always, means that it will be a short throw projector. The opposite is true for those ending in LT. The difference between the projector's throw distance is also. Shop Sony LSPX-P1 720p HD Ready Ultra Short Throw Portable Projector, SRXD Laser Technology, Battery Powered-White. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders An Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector is one whose throw ratio is 0.4 or less. The throw ratio is the ratio of the distance of the projector from the screen to the screen width. UST projectors can project large-sized imagery even when placed a few inches away from the screen The ASUS S1 answers the growing need for a lightweight, portable short throw projector for mobile professionals. It features versatile connectivity for Apple and Samsung Android devices via accessory cables as a separate purchase. This 200 Lumen Short-Throw LED Pocket Projector weighs in at .75 pounds and runs off a 6,000 mAh built-in rechargeable battery

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