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Det finns för närvarande ett 30-tal Silken Windhounds i Sverige. Första valpkullen i Sverige föddes 2001, och det har fötts totalt 15 kullar i Sverige, vilket resulterat i totalt 42 valpar.(Medelvärdet är 2,8 valpar per kull) En del av dessa valpar har flyttat utomlands Silken Windhounds i Sverige has 585 members. En grupp för dig i Sverige eller Skandinavien som har en Silken Windhound eller är intresserade av rasen. För att gå med i gruppen MÅSTE du svara på de 3.. The Silken Windhound is a small longhaired sighthound breed from USA. Starcastle Hounds are proud to be the first breeder of Silken Windhounds in Europe and the first breeder of a Silken Windhound that obtained a national champion title. Silken.

Silkemynde er bedre kjent som silken windhound ellers i verden, men mynderasen anerkjennes ikke på internasjonalt plan ennå, [trenger referanse] selv om den er i ferd med å bli populær. Opprinnelse og alder. Opphavet er langhåret whippet, men fru Francie Stull, som eier. Silken Windhounds were founded and developed by Francie Stull, a successful breeder of show and performance American Kennel Club (AKC) Borzoi and Deerhounds, using her favored Borzoi and Lurcher bloodlines. The first Silken Windhound litter was whelped in 1985 and a breed club, the International Silken Windhound Society, was formed in 1999 International Silken Windhound Society, chartret i 1999, opprettholder alle stamtavler og DNA-verifiserte registreringer for rasen. En rasen standard ble vedtatt i 2001. Silken Windhounds finnes i hele USA, i Østerrike, Bahamas, Canada, Finland, Tyskland, Italia, Mexico, Japan, Slovenia, Sverige, Sveits, Nederland, New Zealand, Norge, De forente arabiske emirater, Storbritannia og Union of. The Silken Windhound is the result of a long-awaited dream of mine, one that took many years of planning and dedication at first solely by us at Kristull and now by an international group of breeders and enthusiasts, the International Silken Windhound Society

Melioris Silken Windhounds. Beau with the MK3 Golf - Fall 2019 - picture by William Poore. Beau & Zola Easter 2019 - photo by Nick Prafke. Beau and Zola Winter 2018 - photo by Ariana Noel. LGRA Oberlin, OH June 2018 - photo by Emily Buerger. Spring 2018. Spring 2017. Google Sites Kristull A Litter Puppies Ch. Satsuma Kristull Richie Rich (Dollar) x Ch. Satsuma Kristull ChiChi La Rue (Keiki) Born November 10, 2016. Three boys were Aeronaut, Astroid and Aviator plus Amelia the little girl

Silken Windhound Arkivert. Dette emnet er nå arkivert og stengt for flere svar Silken Windhound. Av Djervekvinnen , 31. Oktober 2007 i Hundeprat. Ja, i sverige så har de Silken utstilling sammen med Borzoi spesial. Vi har møtt samme hunde tror jeg Mailin... Hun er så skjønn! Del dette innlegget Silken Windhound Kennel in Sweden. Silken Windhounds are gaining recognition all over the world as one of the very few really serious new breed creations in recent times. The Silken Windhound is a small longhaired sighthound breed from USA Silken Windhounds UK/Endevor Borzoi welcomes you, we are home to the UK's first Silken Windhound, we live in the South of England, in a beautiful area that borders Kent and Sussex, within easy reach of both London and the coast. Endevor in partnership with Starborough brought the first Silken Windhound to our country International Silken Windhound Society. Welcome to the Home of ISWS! About Silken Windhounds. Silken Windhounds are known for their friendly dispositions, make excellent family pets and are happiest when sharing family activities. They are easily trainable and eager to please

Silken Windhound Champions. Those of us lucky enough to have found Silken Windhounds know they have the ability to excel in many areas - not least of which is as well loved companions. Click here to see a compilation of Champions from the conformation and performance venues in which Silkens participate ‏‎Silken Windhounds i Sverige‎‏ تحتوي على ‏‏٥٩٥‏ من الأعضاء‏. ‏‎En grupp för dig i Sverige eller Skandinavien som har en Silken Windhound eller är intresserade av rasen. För att gå med i gruppen MÅSTE du svara på de 3 frågorna Silken Windhound breeder in Portland, Oregon. ©2018 by Sundance Silkens. Proudly created with Wix.co Regalant Silken Windhounds They're regal and elegant. When you try to type both at the same time, they're Regalant. Our silkens About Us Learn more about the history and values of the Regalant breeding program. Our Silkens Meet the wonderful silkens who live at Regalant. Litters Regalant is expecting a litter in early 2021. Chec

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  1. May 14, 2013 - Silken Windhound Borzoi Dog. See more ideas about Silken windhound, Borzoi dog, Borzoi
  2. - About Starfyre Silken Windhounds - Starfyre is the leading Silken Windhound kennel of UKC Total Dog earners, of Rally-Obedience Title holders, of Trick Dog Title holders and the home of 3 ISWS Conformation champions and breeders of 2 more ISWS Champions; home of 4 UKC Grand Champions and breeders of 2 others.Home of Dior - the leading Silken Windhound sire of lure coursing title holders..
  3. Gorgeous, Athletic and Loving Silken Windhounds begin with Sunera. Website Updated NOVEMBER 6th, 2020 . Back to To
  4. The Silken Windhound Club of America is a breed club founded in the United States with the goal of getting AKC approval for the Silken Windhound Breed. We foster a culture of inclusiveness and positivity in our community by having a set of Principles that we refer back to
  5. Home page of Silken Windhounds at Spirit, a breeder from Northfield. Silken Windhound breeders of distinction. Expertly socialized puppies for pet, lure coursing show racing, obedience, agility, therapy dog and more. Health tested, UKC and ISWS re

Heyo, hope this super factual educational video that has 100% true facts is informative for everyone wondering what a silken windhound is. jk, this is totall.. Silken windhound puppies and future litter plans for Gryffyn's Aeyrie. We may not have puppies available at all times, but we happy to place interested families on our waiting list and will keep you up to date on any progressing litter plans Silken Windhounds i Sverige hat 580 Mitglieder. En grupp för dig i Sverige eller Skandinavien som har en Silken Windhound eller är intresserade av rasen. För att gå med i gruppen MÅSTE du svara på.. Beschrijving Uiterlijk. De silken windhound is een kleine tot middelgrote windhond, met een middellange vacht die letterlijk aanvoelt als zijde.Dit ras heeft een uniek voorkomen, waarvan de oorsprong vooral gezocht moet worden in twee van de voorouderrassen, de barzoi en de whippet.Alle tekeningen en kleuren van de vacht zijn toegestaan, en de daadwerkelijk voorkomende variaties daarin lopen.

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Available to performance, show home Crate trained,travels well, loves everyone Up to date on shots, worming, microchipped Delivery available if within 10 hours from Cincinnati, Ohi Silken Windhound. Dark Filur; Blond Surprice; Gryffyn's Aeyrie I Am Legend; Jungle Jane; Dark Elegance; Blond And Mini; Leicro's SW Solo in the Jungle; Leicro's SW Briljant; Leicro's SW Topas ~ ~ ~ ~ In memoriam ~ ~ ~ ~ Gryffyn's Welcome to the Jungle; Jagnes A Dark Highness; Gryffyn's Aeyrie Consider This; Puppies. Available puppies.

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Tangaloor Silkens - Silken Windhound breeder and Veterinarian located in Benton City, Washington, My Treasures do not chink or glitter, they race in the sunand play in the night Gizmo, vår Silken Windhound. Suzanne ba meg sette opp egen blogg og siden vi er i 2009, så må jeg prøve meg. Til alle Silken kjennere så kan jeg informere om at vår familie har økt med Gizmo. Han kommer fra Sverige, er nå vel 9 uker og er en riktig god gutt - og smart

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  1. Email: sigilsilkens@gmail.com Or use our contact form
  2. three Silken Windhound and ranked Number Five Sighthound Pariah Group . MDR1 and CEA cleared by DNA testing Health testing clear for Thyroid, Eyes and Heart His Embark results can be seen here embk.me/iswsukcchmorgandellborodin. Sasha is Clear of both MDR1 and CEA gene
  3. The Silken Windhound is an elegant, small to medium-sized sighthound, with a moderately long, silky coat. Its classic lines and athletic build are the hallmarks of a true coursing dog. When viewing a Silken Windhound, one has the impression of grace, balance and strength integrated with exceptional running ability
  4. Mar 31, 2014 - Explore Andrea Cole's board silken windhounds on Pinterest. See more ideas about Silken windhound, Sighthound, Dog breeds
  5. Our first Silken Windhound Morgandell Kennels have raised and shown Borzoi since 1970. In 2007 Cyndi accepted the opportunity to judge BooFest and fell in love with Silken Windhounds
  6. WindnSatin Silken Windhounds | We breed for health, longevity and outgoing temperament

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What is a Silken Windhound? Silken Windhounds are an American sighthound breed. Francie Stull, breeder (Kennel name Kristull) of many Champion Borzois saw a demand for smaller, long lived sighthounds who still possessed the grace and elegance of the larger sighthounds, but with a silky, easy to care for coat Welcome to Astraeus Silken Windhounds. Pronounced a-STRAY-us; named for the Greek titan-god, father of the four winds, god of the dusk and the stars. An homage to the Windhound breed and to our first Silken and foundation bitch, Willow, with her Greek connection and dusky blue colour. We are a home based kennel located in Ontario, Canada Sunera Silken Windhound Goals: 1) Produce physically healthy and emotionally stable puppies . 2) Develop puppies that are versatile and excel as companion dogs, show dogs and athletes. 3) Maintaining thoughtful breeding practices that ensure the health and longevity of this incredible breed

Silken Windhounds The Silken Windhound is a stunning rare breed of sighthound and the only sighthound of American origin. The first Silkens west of Texas (the breed's founding state) started arriving from Kristull Ranch in 1999. The largest population of Silkens in the world is currently in California Our Silken Windhounds have also had their share of success: the first Silken (and second) to earn a UKC Grand Championship, the #1 UKC Silken Windhound (2011, 2013, 2014-2017), multiple Top Ten UKC Silken Windhounds, the first Silken to be awarded a championship in Rarities/NAKC, multiple specialty winners around the nation, and a triple-winner of the Silken Windhound National Specialty Show ()

Music is Hoedown from Rodeo. The borzoi is my boy, and 6 Silkens belong to Joyce Chin of Talisman Hounds. The other three were some friend's pups : The Silken Windhound is a small to medium-sized dog, standing 18.5 and 23.5 inches tall and weighing anywhere from 20 to 45 pounds at maturity. Temperament/Behavior. The Silken Windhound is a sighthound and, like most sighthounds, he loves to run and he has a natural desire to chase things Pasha is a multi-year Top Ten UKC Grand Champion Silken Windhound as well as the 2013 and 2014 Best of Breed Winner of the Top Ten Invitational. He also finished out the year 2013 as UKC's #1 Silken Windhound. He is a multiple Best Bred-by in Specialty Winner and Specialty Reserve Winners, including the 2012 SilkenFest National Specialty

We are a small Silken Windhound kennel located in NE Ohio. We are involved in lure coursing, straight racing, and conformation with our Silkens. Our Silkens. Litters. Available. Springlane News. Stay up-to-date on annoucements, adventures, & more. Hera x Czar litter due Aug 15! 0 comments /. I love Silken Windhound. 1,5 k liker dette. Ich bin ein Silken Windhound, meine Dosenöffnerin gab mir den Namen Zalando, denn sie schrie vor Glück als sie mich das erste Mal sah Our goals as breeders We aim to produce healthy, correct, fast, well tempered Silken Windhounds. Our dogs participate in everything from the more traditional activities such as conformation and racing to the unusual like weight pull (we produced and own the very first Silken Windhound to earn a Weight Pull title). We are strong advocates for health testing, science based vaccination. International Silken Windhound Society. 1,2 k liker dette. The International Silken Windhound Society is the parent club for the Silken Windhound, a unique American sighthound Silken Windhounds are typically very healthy, and the International Silken Windhound Society is particularly proactive in keeping them that way. Every registered Silken has his or her DNA banked with a genetic tracking project at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, and genetic testing is aggressively promoted for those conditions that do affect the breed

High quality Silken Windhound gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours Nu är det officiellt, Silken Windhounds har erkänts i USA av UKC. UKC är United Kennel Club, den näst största kennelklubben i USA efter AKC, Amerikanska Kennelklubben. UKC i sig innebär inga större förändringar för rasen här i Sverige men vissa saker som stamboken t ex påverkas. Svenska Silken Windhoundklubbens hemsida kommer att uppdateras unde

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Silken Windhound hannvalp ser etter godt varig hjem. Til salgs. 20 000 kr. Pga av en meget sen avbestilling kan vi nå meddele at vår kjære lille Vale likevel er tilgjengelig til et nytt godt hjem. Han er født den 6.07.20. og hans fulle navn er Vale Vitonio Avrina The Silken Windhound . A Little Sighthound with a Big Future . The Silken Windhounds started from a base of Whippets, Some sort of Collie ( most likey a Sheltie) and Borzoi at Kristull Borzoi Kennel in Austin, Texas. Ultimately, they came to be registered as Silken. Just another WordPress.com weblog Kommentarer til: Gizmo, vår Silken Windhound - Silken Festival 2019 - Bodensee Silken Windhound Festival on 31st August & 1st September 2019 at Bermatingen (DE) As in previous years, the Friends of Silken Windhound invite you to a wonderful weekend at the venue of the sighthound club Lake Constance

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The Silken Windhound breed was developed in the U.S. through more than ten years and six generations of carefully and selectively breeding the long-haired and smooth Whippets and Borzois. The result is a magnificent, elegant little Sighthound with long hair and a wonderful temperament The Silken Windhound is different in this respect, as we know exactly how it came into being. In the mid-1970s, the owners of Kristull Kennels, Francie and Chuck Stull, identified a gap in the sighthound group. At the time they bred Borzoi and Deerhounds - both large, longhaired sighthounds History. The Silken Windhound is a Rare mixed breed, belonging to the Sighthound mix, seemingly sharing bloodlines with the Borzoi and the Whippet hound. Experts say that these dogs got their graceful and elegant appearance from the Whippet Hound variety. They have an athletic build, with a chiseled head and large obliquely set almond shaped eyes

The Silken Windhound is a relatively new breed that is still in the process of earning recognition from kennel clubs and other dog-related organizations. Although the breed was bred for hounds, it is important to note that Silken Windhounds can make for very good family dogs, which can be attributed in significant part to their pleasing temperament Silken Windhound Colors Black . Black . Black with Cream Points, Mask, and Light Undersides Black with Light Undersides . Black and White (Irish) with Red Points . Black and White (Irish) Black and White (Irish) with Light Undersides . Black and White (Piebald) with Light Undersides . Black and White (Piebald) Black and White.

Here at Kushbudar we take great care in the raising of our puppies. Whelped at home and living as part of the family, our puppies are handled, socialised and subjected to a host of daily activities such as the TV, the washing machine and the vacuum cleaner Any Silken Windhound puppy sold as pet quality must be spayed or neutered, at the new owners expense, prior to its first birthday. I allow that much time since this is a coated breed and that can be affected by hormones. Dogs altered too young will are more likely to be weedy with a sparse coat Silken Windhounds (or Silkens for short) are registered through the United Kennel Club (UKC) and the International Silken Windhound Society (ISWS). They can be seen participating in many activities such as conformation shows, lure coursing, straight racing, oval track racing, open field coursing, agility, rally and obedience events Silken Windhound Build Information. The Silken Windhound grows to a height of between 18 and 23 inches. Males weigh 33 to 55 pounds while females weigh 22 to 45 pounds. This breed is small yet hardy, making for a perfect scenthound. Its athletic build lends itself to the abilities of this type of breed. It has a coat of silky hair, hence its name Silken Windhound Society of California. https://www.casilkenwindhound com.

Entourage, Silken Windhound, Windhounds, Silken Windhounds, Silken Windhound Puppies. Entourage Silken Windhounds. Home About Us Announcements Boys Girls Litters Gallery Contact Us Entourage Updates: The Star Wars Litter Whelped 9-20-2020 Sire: UKC CH Attaway-Kinobi Tango Obi Dam: ISWS Ch, UKC. Typically, Silken Windhounds live very healthy, active lives. While most live into their late teens, the oldest known Silken Windhound lived a few months past her 20th birthday. Silken Windhounds arrived as a breed with the D litter whelped in 1985. In 1998 the name Silken Windhound was officially adopted and the Yahoo Windhounds list was formed

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Silken Windhound Breeders. Paws'N'Pups has curated the most comprehensive list of Silken Windhound breeders from around the world to help you find the puppy of your dreams! We strive to provide you with the most up to date breeder listings including the most current contact information to assist in your search Welcome to Broadway Silken Windhounds! Although Broadway is in my name, I am located in Colorado. I just have a love for Broadway shows. Please look around and check out the dogs that make up the pack and enjoy your visit. I breed sparingly, but please check out Coming Attractions to see if I have any upcoming plans

Silken Windhound Find DNA Tests. Search Keywords. Species. Breed. Type of Test. Intensity Dilution. The intensity coat color gene variant causes an extreme dilution of phaeomelanin (red or yellow pigment), resulting in a cream to white. High-quality Silken Windhound Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Shop unique custom made Canvas.. Viewing the Silken Windhound from the side, one should have the impression of remarkable beauty integrated with exceptional running ability. Beginning with its chiseled head, a long arched neck, dramatic depth of brisket and an extreme tuck-up ending with the graceful sweep of the long, low-carried tail, the Silken Windhound is the embodiment of athletic beauty

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History - Silken Windhound for Sale The Silken Windhound is a breed intentionally developed by Borzoi and Deerhound breeder, Francie Stull. Although the first litter of the Windhoud was not born until 1995, their development began in discussions ten years later Silken Windhounds were founded and developed by Francie Stull, a successful breeder of show and performance American Kennel Club (AKC) Borzoi and Deerhounds, using her favored Borzoi and Whippet bloodlines. The first Silken Windhound litter was whelped in 1985 and a breed club, the International Silken Windhound Society, was formed in 1999 Socks is a Silken Windhound being a fine example of the breed - soft to touch with a silken coat & elegant to look at. As a gracefully built dog when she runs she is of great power, speed & courage. Pet Acting / Modelling Ability. With an extremely laid-back personality she is relaxed & very gentle with other animals, people & children Silken Windhound Hunderasse Silkenwindhound Windhund . Tanner's Colonel Hathi Zalando geboren am 26.04.2012 in Deutschlan

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The Silken Windhound is a rare American canine breed, also belonging to the family of sight hounds.It seems to have its bloodlines linked to the large-sized Borzoi and the short coated Whippet hound, from whom it may have inherited its unique, graceful and elegant appearance as well as its athletic built Sep 13, 2013 - Explore Darren Driscoll's board Silken Windhound, followed by 440 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Silken windhound, Borzoi, Dogs Silken Windhound, one has the impression of grace, balance, and strength integrated with exceptional running ability. SIZE, PROPORTION, SUBSTANCE: The accepted measurements for Silken Windhounds are 18.5 -23.5 inches (47-60 cm) at the withers. Dogs over or under the ideal shall be penalized to the extent of the deviation

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Silken Windhound work with high enthusiasm and form a strong bond with their owners. Owing to their silky coat, one should use semi-slip collars to keep the grip sturdy. Lifespan. Silken Windhound have a typical lifespan of about 14 to 20 years. Health ailments, including joint and bone diseases are rare Silken Windhound Breeders Good-natured with everyone they meet, the Silken Windhound is a highly trainable, alert, hardy, and affectionate breed. They're eager to please and make exceptional companions Silken Windhound Gifts - Silken Windhound Mug - Silken Coffee Mug - Silken Plush - I Work Hard So My Silken Windhound Can Have A Better Life AmendableMugs. From shop AmendableMugs. 5 out of 5 stars (1,377) 1,377 reviews £ 12.02.

A Silken Windhound may look more difficult to groom than they actually are. Their fur needs to be brushed several times a week to stay shiny and tangle free. A Silken only needs an occasional bath, no more than every couple of months. Most do shed some, although an individual Silken can vary from hardly shedding at all, to shedding quite a lot This subreddit is dedicated to the Silken Windhound dog breed. More information about Silken Windhounds, sometimes called Silkens for short, can be found on the International Silken Windhound Society webpage https://silkenwindhounds.dog. 316. Members. 9. Online. Created Jan 17, 2012 The Silken Windhound was officially named in 1998. In 1999, the International Silken Windhound Society was chartered. This club keeps a pedigree database and DNA verified registrations. The official breed standard was adopted in 2001. The United Kennel Club recognized the Silken Windhound as a breed in 2011

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