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The Data Hub exposes the Open Data Protocol ( OData) interface for accessing the EO data stored on the archive.This protocol is based on top of the well-supported HTTPS/ REST transfer protocol that can be handled by a large set of client tools as simple as common Web browsers, download-managers or computer programs such as cURL or wget.The Odata protocol provides easy access to the Data Hub. 2. Data supply The Copernicus Data Hubs (Open Access Hub, Collaborative Data Hub, International Access Hub, Copernicus Services Data Hub) are ESA online portals, which make Sentinel data available to individuals and entities worldwide. The portals allow the searching for Sentinel data and the download of Sentinel data, selected by the user. 3 Two access points to Copernicus satellite data are managed by ESA: Copernicus Open Access Hub. Previously known as Sentinels Scientific Data Hub, the portal provides access to Sentinel data through an interactive graphical user interface. The portal will also provide access to data produced by future Sentinel missions when available

Anyone can access the OS Data Hub and get started for free. It's really quick and easy to start benefiting from the power of location data by incorporating Great Britain's most authoritative geospatial data into your applications Getting Started. For additional information about the Open Data Hub, read our blogs and documentation.. To set up the Open Data Hub, all you need is a running OpenShift® 4.x cluster. For storing data and models, we recommend using a S3 object store such as Ceph.Once your OpenShift and Ceph installations are running, deploy the Open Data Hub components using our Open Data Hub operator and. Copernicus Open Access Hub (also including API Hub, Copernicus Sentinels POD Data Hub); Collaborative Data Hub - Node 1; Copernicus Services Data Hub. The Collaborative Data Hub - Node-2 and Node-3 and the Sentinel-5P Pre-Operations Data Hub will not be affected by the maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause to your. A data hub is a collection of data from multiple sources organized for distribution, sharing, and often subsetting and sharing. Generally this data distribution is in the form of a hub and spoke architecture.. Features. A data hub differs from a data warehouse in that it is generally unintegrated and often at different grains. It differs from an operational data store because a data hub does.

Its free services, you can create account for free and start to build survey, in free licence your data will become public/ open data so other user can collaborate and acess your data. If you want to make it private or acess our premium feature upgrade your licence What Is Open Data Hub. Open Data Hub (ODH) is an open source project based on Kubeflow that provides open source AI tools for running large and distributed AI workloads on OpenShift Container Platform. Currently, the Open Data Hub project provides open source tools for data storage, distributed AI and Machine Learning (ML) workflows, Jupyter Notebook development environment and monitoring Open data available. Today we supply real-time data to apps with over 7 million unique customer downloads in total. The Open Data program will make these datasets, along with other transport data, more broadly available. This data will be capable of supporting apps and a whole lot more. Learn Mor Open access to research data - the right to access and reuse digital research data under the terms and conditions set out in the Grant Agreement. Horizon 2020 Open Research Data Pilot and Data Management Plan. In Horizon 2020 the Commission has launched a flexible pilot for open access to research data (ORD pilot)

Sentinel-5P Pre-Operations Data Hub The vast majority of data and information delivered by the Copernicus Space infrastructure and the Copernicus services are made available and accessible to any citizen and any organisation around the world on a free, full and open access basis. You can access Copernicus Data and Information Services through the DIAS or the Conventional Data Hubs

The Data Hub Archive - Open Access Hub

Since its creation, the ERC has been supporting the principle of open access to the published output of research as a fundamental part of its mission. It also promotes the basic principle of open access to research data. This page provides an overview of the rules related to open access to publications and research data management that apply to ERC grants

FAIR is an acronym for 'findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable', intended to more clearly define what is meant by the term 'open access' and make the concept easier to discuss. Initially proposed in March 2016, it has subsequently been endorsed by organisations such as the European commission and the G20.. Features. The emergence of open science or open research has brought to light. Open Data Hub is your access point to South Tyrol's relevant data. You and your service providers can use Open Data Hub for all channels of digital communication. The data is updated on a regular basis and easily accessible Open science omvat open access tot wetenschappelijke publicaties, onderzoeksdata, leermiddelen, software, etc. In het geval van onderzoeksdata spreken we over open data. Het vergroot de zichtbaarheid van onderzoeksresultaten, is citeerbaar door het gebruik van digital object identifiers (DOI's) en stimuleert het hergebruik van onderzoeksdata voor nieuwe onderzoeksvragen en verificatie DataHub further abstracts the underlying data systems through a set of generic Data Access Objects (DAO), such as key-value DAO, query DAO, and search DAO. Data system-specific implementation of DAOs can then be swapped in and out easily without altering any business logic in DataHub

FDOT Open Data Hub Open Access Hub (OAH) is a national professional outsourcing firm with offshore operations located in the Philippines—a location favored by most United States-based multinational firms. Our outsourcing team is comprised of highly dedicated professionals from a variety of backgrounds who have broad ranges of professional experience in their areas of expertise

Terms of the Copernicus Data Hub portals - Open Access Hub

Open access to JRC Research Infrastructures The JRC facilitates the access to non-nuclear research infrastructures in the relevance-driven mode to User Institutions located in countries from the Spreading Excellence and Widening Participation Action.It also provides support covering the travel and subsistence of users accessing JRC nuclear research infrastructures in the relevance-driven mode The free, full and open data policy adopted for the Copernicus programme foresees access available to all users for the Sentinel data products, via a simple pre-registration. Who needs to register: Registration is open to all users via simple on-line self-registration accessible via the Copernicus Open Access Hub

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Open data - Open access

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RUS webinar: Copernicus Data Access: SciHub & DIAS platforms

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Sentinel Playground

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Downloading images form Sentinels Scientific Data Hub

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